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SP-404 Amigurumi

SP-404 Amigurumi

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Meet SP-404 - Strike A Pose version!

Our latest addition to the SP-404 Collection is a handmade amigurumi character, numbered edition. Amigurumi is the japanese art of creating crocheted yarn creatures. Sometimes, as in this case, the figure has a wire skeleton which makes it fully poseable.

When we met Francesca, our amigurumi artist, we came up with the idea of creating a SP-404 figure in the style of the 80s' collectibles. There would be no plastic involved, though - our times require a lot more warm and personal approach.

Elisa made a quick sketch of what we wanted to achieve, and that was enough for Francesca to elaborate the complex set of elements needed to construct the final model: our SP-404 figure is made out of 48 pieces, all made and sewn together by hand!

To get the right three-dimensional effect, different kinds of crochet stitches are deployed, depending on the elements' shape: knobs (spiral single stitch), buttons (chain stitch and single stitch), the display (spiral)...

The crocheted woollen skin is then wrapped around the wire skeleton and padding.
The figure has been completed by crocheting arms and legs, and of course, a pair of really cool and extremely small sneakers.

In amigurumi art, the smaller the details are, the most complex the work gets. Cremacaffè SP-404 figure takes one full day of work, and comes with a little serial number sewn on the back. A tribute to one of our favorite music making machines, and a reminder of all the fun, and love, and stitch-by-stitch work that goes into making beats!

Cremacaffè Amigurumi SP-404 is handmade in Italy, using high quality materials and finishes.

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