About Us

Andrea & Elisa · Cremacaffè DesignCremacaffè delivers worldwide original designs tailored to your well-being. Our motto is “Keep on playing!“, because we see Design as a way to enable people in their creative pursuits. Plus, we really love what we do.
We follow our projects from concept to production and sale, by finding uncovered market niches and producing locally with natural or repurposed materials, in small quantities. We listen to our Clients, who are our best source of inspiration. Niche marketing allows us to create almost tailor made products with an uncompromising quality at affordable retail prices.

Cremacaffè started as an experiment about a different way of living, putting in all the things we love most, and building at the same time closer relationships with people, places and their stories.

Elisa Andretti is an architect & designer, experimenting at all available scales with natural materials, structural geometries and sustainable lifecycles. Her studies and working experience span between Malta, Italy and Finland (MSc. Architecture, Italy 2007; MSc. Creative Sustainability, Aalto University, Finland 2014; European Prize for Waste Reduction, Bruxelles 2010). Elisa takes care of all Cremacaffè designs, and is currently involved in art & architecture projects between Finland and Sicily.

Andrea Milana is a marketing specialist with a passion for music making and digital media. A synth enthusiast, engaged in the music industry for a lifetime, Andrea has co-owned three recording studios, in Italy and in Malta, and has worked for Roland (Italy), Propellerhead (Malta) and Genelec (Finland) between 2001 and 2014. He’s the media mind behind Cremacaffè Design.

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