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Vinyl Skins for the Roland SP-404 MK2

Cremacaffè Design KOLIBRI Stand and Roland SP-404 MK2Cremacaffè x Roland Lifestyle SP-404 Pouch
  • ANALOG MASTERING Service by CremaSound.Shop


    Focusing on Hip Hop, LoFi, and Acoustic music, the end result is tailored to your needs and style, which can never be achieved by any AI digital algorithms. How 'bout that warm and silky sound? We've got you covered!

    • High Quality 96 kHz 24 bit
    • Two Master Revisions x Track Included
    • Affordable Pricing

    MASTER Your Track/s

  • How to Create Pixel Art - eBook by Elisa Andretti


    This guide will help you create 1-bit pixel art, and upload it to your SP-404 MKII Roland sampler.

    Elisa takes you through her process of making 30 original illustrations, animated as two-frame sequences. By analyzing technical shortcuts and aesthetic choices, you will get a broad case by case overview, to use as a springboard to build your own images.

    Have a coffee with us (cost of the eBook is €2)
    and give it a go! ☕️✨ View/Buy

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