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Cremacaffè Design

ASIMOV 2-tier stand

ASIMOV 2-tier stand

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ASIMOV is our two-tier tabletop stand for laptop, synths & medium/large devices. Ideal to optimize desk space and ergonomics, in the studio and during live performances.

Simple and sturdy, in only 22x22 cm (8x8 in) ASIMOV accommodates two devices at once, placed at 10° angle (lower tier) and 30° angle (upper tier).
The integrated cable organizer keeps your desk clear and your creative flow smooth.

Made of just three interlocking wooden pieces, ASIMOV can be flat-packed in seconds, ready to fit in your backpack. Available in a double face Natural/Walnut ecological finish.

ASIMOV is the result of digital design applied to a natural material, laser-cut, stained and sanded, hand finished and numbered one by one.
Product Specifications

Operating Angles: 10°, 30°
Stand Dimensions:
W220x D210 x H190 mm | W8,6 x D8,2 x H7,5 in
Material: Poplar Plywood (improved resistance)
Weight: 230 g
Finish: Water-based Stain or Spray Paint (Black/Graphite)
• Double Face: Natural Poplar & Walnut • Black

Recommended devices dimensions:
W250-550 Max. x D400 Max. x H60 mm
W9,8-21,7 x D16 x H2,3 in
Weight: 6 Kg (13 lbs) Max.

Design: E. Andretti, A. Milana 2019 | Cremacaffè Design
Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

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