Accessories for the Roland SP-404 Sampler

On this page you can find a selection of our best accessories for the Roland sampler SP-404 OG and SX/A.
Roland SP-404 MK2 sitting on a KOLIBRI Stand

KOLIBRI synth, laptop & tablet stand
Neck and back pain, sore eyes are common among beat makers, due to prolonged hunching over your machines during live sets and music performances. Unblock the flow by elevating your SP-404’s at the most comfortable angle for your music making routine, whether that happens sitting at your desk (KOLIBRI stand), or standing (ASIMOV stand).

KOLIBRI is Cremacaffe's bestseller stand: it offers you four-in-one ergonomic angles, optimized for writing, visual work, gaming, movie watching and music making. Rock solid and anti-skid, thanks to its rubber feet, KOLIBRI can be folded and flat-packed in seconds. Its unique design is made out of three interlocking timber pieces: no screws needed, hand finished with care in Italy. SP-404's perfect companion in the studio and on the road!

KOLIBRI's minimalist design fits the iconic Roland SP-404 series like a glove, and provides it with two tilted positions: 15° and 30° angles. We've seen many producers using the stand tilted towards the public too, so that the audience can get an optimal view of both the beat maker and the SP-404 at the same time.

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Cremacaffe Design ASIMOV 2-Tier Stand for the Roland SP-404
ASIMOV 2-Tier stand
Simple and sturdy, in only 22x22 cm (8x8 in) ASIMOV accommodates two devices at once, placed at 10° angle (lower tier) and 30° angle (upper tier). Optimize your desk space and ergonomics, in the studio and during live performances.

Holes for cable management keep your desk clear and your creative flow smooth. ASIMOV's unique design consists of three interlocking wooden pieces, no screws needed. It can be folded and flat-packed in seconds, ready to fit in your backpack.

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Cremacaffè x Roland | SP-404 MK2 Padded Pouch
Padded Pouch
Made with high quality fabrics and printed in Italy, our padded pouches feature a zipper closure, soft padding and contrast lining, with an inside pocket to carry your device accessories. Original graphics inspired by the 80s graffiti and pop culture by Cremacaffè.

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Cremacaffe DJ TechTools Chroma Caps for the Roland SP-404
DJ TechTools Chroma Caps
Redesigned to meet the most demanding DJ's needs and to increase playability, the new Chroma Caps feature: rounded corners and softer rubber for a better comfort, bright colors with large clear markers for better visibility, and increased widths for a more natural grip.
Available in a wide range of vivid colors including glow in dark and UV reactive blends that pop under black lights. Chroma Caps make sure your gear stands out in clubs and on stage!

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Cremacaffe Skins for the Roland SP-404
The SP-404 has a colorful history, helping spawn the fertile musical universes of lo-fi and instrumental hip-hop. We see SP-404 Skins as an additional way for the artists to express themselves, connect even more with the instrument and make it unique!
Cremacaffe Skins deploy high quality Xerox and Roland vinyl prints.

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Cremacaffe Design X-ray Dust Cover for the Roland SP-404
X-ray Dust Cover
Made out of repurposed radiographic film (X-ray): a lightweight, long-lasting material. Assembled and flat-packed in seconds for easy storage, this cover is designed to keep your Devices safe and clean in the studio. Please note: it does not prevent hit damage.

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Cremacaffè myVolts Ripcord cable for the Roland SP-404
myVolts Ripcord cable
With this USB to DC power cable you can power your SP-404 from your laptop, phone charger, USB power bank or anywhere there's a USB port!
Save on bundle on wasteful batteries and untether yourself from the mains.

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Kingston Memory Cards
Kingston Memory Cards
Canvas cards are tested to be durable in the harshest environments and conditions so you can take them anywhere with confidence that your photos, videos and files will be protected.
Kingston is a leading global manufacturer of memory and storage solutions, since 1987.

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Cremacaffè Design | SP-Series Wooden Keychains
SP-Series Wooden Miniature Keychains
At Cremacaffè we call these pure birch miniatures “chocs” because of their aroma and velvety touch – and because they are collectibles.
Our miniature keychains pay homage to some of our favorite music machines and retro electronics, and will treat you to the natural touch of wood every time you are reaching for your keys.

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Cremacaffe Design SP-404 Amigurumi
SP-404 Amigurumi
Our latest addition to the SP-404 Collection is a very special collectible: a numbered edition handmade amigurumi character, 80s' style.
Amigurumi is the japanese art of creating crocheted yarn creatures. Sometimes, as in this case, the figure has a wire skeleton which makes it fully poseable. Insight: This figure is made out of 48 pieces, all sewn together by hand!

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