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DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

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Not sure on which Chroma Cap design fit your gear?
Check out the Compatibility List.

Redesigned to meet the most demanding DJ's needs and to increase playability, the new Chroma Caps feature:
Rounded corners and softer rubber for a better comfort, bright colors with large clear markers for better visibility, and increased widths for a more natural grip.

Available in a wide range of vivid colors including glow in dark and UV reactive blends that pop under black lights.
Make your gear stand out in clubs and on stage!
Technical Details

DJ TechTools Chroma Caps Diagram

Note: Diagram shows knobs viewed from below

• Encoder knob base diameter: 18.5mm x 15.4 mm tall
• Faders: 22mm long x 12mm wide x 14.25mm tall
• Faders MK2: 22mm long x 12mm wide x 14.25mm tall (improved fit for P-Lock • Pioneer faders)
• Fatty knob base diameter: 18.5mm x 16 mm tall
• Super knob base diameter: 14.2 mm x 19.6 mm tall
• Thin Encoders: base diameter: 14.2 mm x 19.6 mm tall

Knobs fit on 6.5mm D shaft pots, check the diagram above to select the right variant for your gear.

Chroma caps are very easy to install and require no expertise or hardware.
To remove your old knobs use a small plastic object to lever them off without bending the shaft. Avoid metal objects since they might damage the finish on your device.
DJ TechTools is founded and run by DJs that are passionate about technology, creativity, and the power of music.

Read more on DJTT website.
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