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myVolts Ripcords

myVolts Ripcords

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Ripcord Model

myVolts unique cables provide a simple way to power devices via USB power as an alternative to DC wall or battery power.

With myVolts Ripcord USB to DC power cables, you can power your device from your laptop, phone charger, USB power bank - or even from your Android phone! Anywhere there's a USB port!

Just connect this cable's barrel end to your device power input and plug the USB connection end into a USB port. Save on bundle on wasteful batteries and untether yourself from the mains.

Ripcord models
AA917MS · Elektron Model Cycles/Samples
Voltage output: 5V, Power output: 9W max
AA928MS · Elektron Digitakt, Digitone, Octatrack MKII • Sonicware SmplTrek and LoFi-12 XT
Voltage output: 12V, Power output: 9W max
AA927MS · Roland SP-303, SP-404 OG/SX/A
Voltage output: 9V, Power output: 9W max
AA931MS · Roland SP-404 MK2
Voltage output: 6V, Power output: 9W max
Voltage output: 19V, Power output: 12W max

Tech Spec
Cable length: 1.5m
Power input: 5V USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Over-voltage protection
Over-current protection
Over-temperature protection
Short-circuit protection
CE certified
RoHS certified
FCC certified

For more information, check out our Ripcord FAQ.

myVolts is an Irish company, based in Dublin, focused on providing modern and innovative power solutions for home, mobile and professional devices - mainly for musicians and other mobile creatives.

Read more on myVolts website.

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