Cremacaffè x Roland SP-404 MK2 Padded Pouch

Cremacaffè x Roland Collab: SP-404 MK2 Padded Pouch

Cremacaffè x Roland | SP-404 MK2 Padded Pouch

SP-404 MKII is here and we designed a brand new soft case to give it a home.
Our latest Cremacaffè x Roland Lifestyle collab welcomes the new addition and celebrates a few Roland favorites, such as the CR-68, Jupiter-8, MC-505, SH-101, SP-404SX, SP-404 MKII, SP-202, TR-808, and the TR-909.

They were all hand drawn by Elisa who then turned them into our signature graphics - featuring both Roland and Cremacaffè logos. Choose between an ecru background and the Roland orange - if you can. We can't, we love them both :P

Cremacaffè x Roland | SP-404 MK2 Padded Pouches

The original graphics are printed on high quality fabrics in Italy, then handed to our trusted seamstresses, who finish up the pouches locally and in small quantities at a time, to ensure there is no waste of resources.The pouches are all soft padded with contrast lining and zip closure. One large inside pocket keeps everything neat and at hand - you can carry in it your KOLIBRI stand, which fits the SP-404 Series like a glove, cables and accessories, such as the Ripcord and a power bank, for your outdoors beatmaking sessions. The new Cremacaffè x Roland pouch is the perfect match for both SP-404 MKII and SP-404 OG/SX. Find the Accessories Bundle here.

Cremacaffè Design KOLIBRI Stand & SP-404 MK2

This is a project which unfolded slowly - it has been in the making since our SP-404 Amigurumi catched the attention of Roland Lifestyle. We decided to make something useful and fun together for the new SP-404, knowing that the creative community worldwide loves this Roland classic as much as we do. There is a magic about the SP-404 in activating creative energies all over - we enjoyed very much experimenting with the MKII version, while sharing insights and hands-on experience with Boombapart and DIBIA$E, and can't wait to hear/see what our talented friends around the world are going to come up with!

Grazie di cuore a Roland Lifestyle who made this possible - Enjoy!
Elisa & Andrea
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