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Cremacaffè Design

SP-404 MK2 Skins and Accessories

SP-404 MK2 Skins and Accessories

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SP-404 MK2 Stand
Padded Pouch

Please note that the photo gallery on this page includes rendered images too, therefore colors on the real printed product (skins) might be slightly different.

• Cremacaffè x Roland Padded Pouch Edition is sold out. You can still purchase the exact same pouch here, the only difference is that graphics have been updated and no longer include the Roland logo.

Turn your SP-404 MK2 into a work of art.

Cremacaffè new Skins are printed on a special vinyl which makes them easy to install, remove and reuse multiple times, thanks to its "bubble-free" self adhesive.
You will find a selection of original designs plus our favorite public domain-sourced illustrations, which work beautifully with the matte finish and the rich texture of the material. Collect as many designs as you like, and change style whenever you want!

Cremacaffe's bestseller stand offers you four-in-one ergonomic angles. Rock solid and anti-skid, it can be folded and flat-packed in seconds.
KOLIBRI minimalist design fits the Roland SP-404 Series like a glove, and provides it with two tilted positions: 15° and 30° angles. Made out of three interlocking timber pieces: no screws needed, unique design, hand finished with care in Italy. Read more about KOLIBRI and SP-404 here.

Cremacaffè Padded Pouch
Compatible with the whole Roland SP-404 series, made with high quality fabrics and printed in Italy, the pouch features a zipper closure, soft padding and contrast lining, with an inside pocket. The artwork theme by Elisa Andretti portrays a selection of Roland iconic machines such as the SH-101, TR-909, Jupiter-8, TB-303, just to name a few.

Quick Guide Card + Dust Cover
Take the best out of your Roland SP-404 MK2, keep the essential information at hand while avoiding any dust on your trusty sampler. Updated to the 4.04 firmware revision.
Material: Xerox print on repurposed X-ray.

Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

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