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Cremacaffè Design

OPUS-SP404 | SP-404 MK2 Case + Stand

OPUS-SP404 | SP-404 MK2 Case + Stand

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OPUS-SP404 design
Textile Band color

The Cremacaffè OPUS-SP404 is a timber case + stand different from any other, made to recreate a calm workspace anywhere.

Solid, with lots of space to touch its beautiful birch surface and tiny details to make your outdoor/studio sessions more enjoyable, it will be something truly special for this Roland machine we love for its simplicity and portable fun. OPUS-SP404 is designed to keep your sampler safe in place, with no movements or friction. Once opened, it turns into a stand with a comfortable 15 degrees angle.

It is all hand finished here at our workshop in Italy, from its timber surface to the Olive Green/Rainbow elastic band. Cremacaffè OPUS-SP404 is available in two Designs: Natural Birch (No Engraving) and Octopus-SP. Inside the case you will find a Dust Cover made of repurposed film: semi-transparent and durable, to keep your device spotless.

OPUS-SP404  includes:

• 1 hardcase, which turns into a stand for your Roland SP-404 MK2
• 1 handmade textile elastic band
• 1 X-ray Dust Cover

SP-404 MK2 Skins
Please note that you can order SP-404 MK2 Skins from this page, as well.
Skin designs photo gallery available >> here


Compatible with the Roland SP-404 MK2 sampler.
Material: Poplar and Birch Plywood
Finish: Natural Birch with walnut contrast sides
Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 305 x 205 x 79 mm

Design: Elisa Andretti, Andrea Milana 2022 | Cremacaffè Design
Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

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