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The "Old School" Series

We recently started making original illustrations for the Artists behind our Cremacaffè Sound Packs. The objective was to complement their Sounds with images reflecting the nature of our collaborations: warm, and whimsical, and home-made.

All the illustrations were to be drawn by hand and finished with minimal computer-processing, using pencil and watercolor pencils on cotton paper. I added a black marker contour, then cut them out with a knife. This combination of subjects, coloring technique and strong contours may give a feeling of an old-school tattoo, here is why Andrea and I named this series “Old School”.

Cinematic Feelings - Original Artwork by Elisa Andretti © 2019

To enhance the tactile feeling of the drawing as a physical object I photographed them on a textured background. I shot all of the pictures on a very hot and sunny day at our place by the sea. All the textures there are quite rough, and I love taking pictures of them throughout the seasons. Since the objective is to extend a tactile feeling to the Viewer, I thought of using the most emotionally charged surfaces I got, hoping that some of my own impressions will come through.

On the right: the cover for Adrian’s SoundPack, Cinematic Feelings. What I like a lot in this image is that it is a seamless combination of lichens (time they take to grow: seasons), watercolor drops (made in: hours, minutes), stains of paint (made in: seconds).

If you wish to commission an original Artwork, please get in touch 📬

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Modular Adventures | Artwork by Elisa Andretti 2019