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Modular Adventures | Artwork by Elisa Andretti 2019
Jungle of Wires "Modular Adventures" sample pack - Cremacaffè Design
Mandy | Jungle of Wires

Modular Adventures

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Mandy Bakker a.k.a. Jungle of Wires is a modular synths passionate always seeking for personal field/vocal-recordings sounds to run trough her modular system.
In this pack you will find rhytmical adventures and melodies which evoke mysterious stories.

This sample pack brings to your studio a selection of pure modular sounds, without the hassle of building up a whole modular system yourself! “While my modules collection constantly changes, the set of sounds I put together for Jungle of Wires evolves around a specific modular configuration at this very moment in my life; something which I believe makes this sample pack unique.”

100% raw modular synth material structured in Loops, One-Shot samples and some Drones, featuring drums, arps, vocals and melodies. Use the samples raw or process them in your sampler to take the adventure even further! 🎶

Workflow & Music Gear
The samples contained in this pack were edited in Ableton Live Lite 9, a little Ozone EQ was applied on each sample, then normalized. No other plugins or external hardware was used outside Izotope Ozone; I like self contained systems.

Eurorack modules used in this pack: Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas and Cursus Iteritas • Strymon Magneto, Orthogonal Devices ER-301 • Sputnik Modular Pre-Amp • ALM/Busy Circuits Pamela’s NEW Workout • Erica Synths Drumseqeuncer and bassline • Winter Modular Eloquencer • Xaoc Devices Zadar, Tallin and Batumi • Black_Noir • 2hp Verb and Arp • WMD Fracture and MSCL • Befaco Hexmix. All recorded on a Zoom H6 recorder.

Digital Download Specifications
182MB • WAV 24Bit 44.1kHz • BPM: 90-140
• 31 Loops • 89 One-shot samples • 8 Other
• 2 Audio Demos
• Compatible with any sampler that handles WAV files.
Royalty Free ☕️

Sound Pack Artwork
Original Artwork by Elisa Andretti © 2019
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