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A Whole Sound Palette In A Drawing

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Cinematic Feelings - Sound Pack

Excerpt from: Intermezzo - Making of Cremacaffè Sound Packs Covers - Cremacaffè Patreon

I am making covers for Cremacaffè Sound Packs. Our Sound Packs are hand tailored color palettes for musicians with different hues, made by Artists from different backgrounds we got to know through Cremacaffè. Adrian and all the other Artists have put so much effort in their work that I thought this was the perfect occasion to show some gratitude and have some fun with it too.

I must say that the end result is heavily influenced by the little one I have been carrying around for eight months now. So I guess the "Adrian" cover draws from that too, for instance in the choice of making the ellipse into a vertical shape, half way between a cosmic gate and Saturn rings.

Mandy is an Artist that works mostly with modulars, which I see as a box with lots of cables, colorful and wild and connected straight to your heart. We might see this drawing laser-engraved on our OPUS-1 too!

Cremacaffè Design - Sound Packs illustrations

Laura is an Artist who mixes guitar and synths, definitely I wanted to have this sensually shaped guitar as a protagonist: its curves spiral into this new creature, an androgynous synth mermaid. Again, the little one swimming might have played a role in it.

Ambient Guitar - Sound Pack illustration - Cremacaffè Design

"Dean" is the Author of "Velvet Carbon Techno". The cover represents a doughnut that revolves outwards and inwards into the fourth dimension - if you don't believe me, check out the story by Thomas Banchoff!

Read the full article on Cremacaffè Patreon - there is more covers to make and these ones to be completed, so this month you will definitely see more posts about it :) Take care!


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