First two releases by Cremacaffè Records

First two releases by Cremacaffè Records

"Phoenix Lights" and "A Quiet Place" are out!
The first two releases by Cremacaffè Records come after months of being in touch and receiving amazing materials by talented artists, who united forces with us to bring some beautiful music out there - more coming soon!

Phoenix LightsPhoenix Lights - TCXMASTA is an essential mix of lofi, hip hop and ambient, distilled during 9 months of before-the-night-shift car sessions. Two main instruments used: electric guitar and Pocket Operator PO-33. The title is a reference to the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Tcxmasta's first album is laid back, peaceful exploration into mysterious territories of the mind.

A Quiet PlaceA Quiet Place - Andrea Milana, our in-house ambient production by Andrea Milana is a semi-generative music album.  Recorded at night during a long year, the tracks are about finding a core of stillness and tranquillity, like taking a deep breath before a night swim. We used to play the first drafts to our little one, to calm him during his first summer nights on this planet.

Cremacaffè Records releases are now available through the major streaming services, Bandcamp and of course on too. When purchased directly from this webshop you will also get some extras, such as Hi-Res digital illustration and/or bonus tracks; More information available on the product pages.

Have you got a music project for us?
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Elisa & Andrea ☕✨

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