Cremacaffè Records

Cremacaffè Records

Cremacaffè RecordsIt was just a matter of time - during these past five years, thanks to Cremacaffè, we met many Musicians from around the world; it’s only natural for this to evolve into quality artistic collaborations. You guys are usually the nicest people and fun to hang out with, and here is where we said it’s time to open a new creative outlet for all of us: Cremacaffè Records ♪♫

Why don’t we all use this creative platform we've got - a webshop with thousands of monthly visits, a lively Instagram feed - to make some beautiful music go around?

We recently started the Sound Packs project - this gave us an idea of the challenges and time needed to promote our Artists’ sounds. Similarly to what happens with our Design projects, some of the Sound Packs are an instant success, others need more time to make their way into the world. This depends on many things: on how the sounds meet the taste of our specific audience, on the connections the Artist has got on her/his end, on the time of release and the way the message comes through. In any case, we believe that with the right amount of work and passion from everyone involved, talent and beauty will be rewarded.

That’s why we keep on improving our Sound Packs section, and now we are expanding it into a music label too. Given the audience we built during the years, at the moment we are considering mostly Ambient and LoFi Hip Hop genres, to be released only digitally at first (we are looking into the cassette option as well). This is an open conversation though.

Our Contacts page is the most reliable way to get in touch and share your music ideas with us; we can’t wait to hear what you got ♥

Elisa & Andrea ☕✨

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