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Cremacaffè Design

SPIKE synth stand

SPIKE synth stand

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SPIKE is an original design synth stand, which improves your comfort and posture while playing any desktop drum machine, sampler, synthesizer and devices with compatible dimensions.

Its two-angles configuration, makes it the ideal support for your creative sleepless nights, while sitting at your desk, or standing in front of a crazy jumping crowd! You will be surprised by its beautiful design, which embraces your device and makes it look even more special.

Rock-solid, super-light, antiskid and ergonomic.
The stand consists of three interlocking wooden pieces.
Its weight and compact size, plus its flatness when disassembled, make it the perfect companion in the studio and on the road.

SPIKE is the result of digital design applied to a natural material, laser-cut, stained and sanded, hand finished and numbered one by one.


Operating Angles: 30°, 60°
Stand Dimensions:
W285 x D260 x H170 mm | W11,2 x D10,2 x H6,7 in

Compatible devices dimensions:
W120-450 x D210 Max. x H60 mm
W4,7-17,7 x D8,2 x H2,3 in
Material: Poplar Plywood · Weight: 135 g
Finish: Water-based Stain or Spray Paint (Black/Graphite)
• Double Face: Natural Poplar & Walnut • Black

Design: Elisa Andretti 2013 | Cremacaffè Design
Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

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