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Cremacaffè Design

LoFi-12 XT Non-Adhesive Skins

LoFi-12 XT Non-Adhesive Skins

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LoFi-12 XT/Laptop Stand
LoFi-12 XT Dust Cover

Please note that the photo gallery on this page includes rendered images too, therefore colors on the real printed product (skins) might be slightly different.

Turn your LoFi-12 XT into a work of art.

The Non-Adhesive skins deploy quality Xerox prints on repurposed X-ray plates. Thanks to its rigid media which keeps them flat in place, installing or swapping the skin will only take a few seconds. Collect as many designs as you like, and change style whenever you want!

Cremacaffe's bestseller stand offers you four-in-one ergonomic angles. Rock solid and anti-skid, it can be folded and flat-packed in seconds.
KOLIBRI minimalist design provides two tilted positions: 15° and 30° angles. Made out of three interlocking timber pieces: no screws needed, unique design, hand finished with care in Italy. Read more about KOLIBRI here.

Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

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