Andrea Milana

Hello! and thanks for stopping by. Here is me :)

The ZX-Spectrum Years!
Andrea Milana

I was born in 1978 in Gela, Sicily. My dad worked with electronics and loved to play keyboards, so I loved those things too. He taught me melodies by coloring little spots on the keys with a marker, and that's how my passion for music making began.  A Sinclair ZX Spectrum was the first computer he brought home, officially for educational purposes. I mainly played videogames on it, though occasionally I would use it to do my homework... I still have a vague memory of a Maths software which would scold you at every mistake with the Italian for "Wrong again, you idiot!". There, a passion for music and videogames (not Maths) was born.

The four years expiration date
I started young by doing odd jobs, until I opened my own recording studio in Sicily, which lasted a couple of years. Then I joined Roland Italy for almost four years in Milan, where I was mainly doing technical support. After that, I moved to Malta where I co-owned two recording studios, and worked as a local distributor for Propellerheads at the same time. A few years later I thought it was time for a change of scenery and moved to Finland, where I found a job at Genelec; I worked as a new media designer in the marketing team for four years. I never thought I would miss the sunlight so much, in fact it does affect people's everyday life and mood a lot! That's when Elisa and I decided to start our own company, Cremacaffè Design (2014), and head back to sunny Sicily; we could finally combine the things we love most: architecture, music, design, love for the simple things ☕️✨.


In the past few years I wiped off almost all my music from the web; I wanted to take some time off and now I am reorganizing most of my music projects. More on this soon.

Thanks for your interest and support over the years.


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