Study for an OP-1 modular stand

Study for an OP-1 modular stand

Ryoichi (aka STEEEZO) is a great performer from Tokyo.

Cremacaffè custom KOLIBRI OP-1 stands for STEEEZO "EEE"We started collaborating with STEEEZO earlier this year, by making two custom-engraved KOLIBRI for his 4 TE OP-1 synths. Since his synths family is rapidly expanding, we have started a new project together, a modular rack stand for 5 or more OP-1, which we are going to share step by step on our Blog. Co-designing at such a distance, having never met in person before, has been very much fun so far (Ryoichi:“I like your sketch for the stand, it looks like a lunchbox!” me: “mmm…how do they make lunch boxes in Japan these days?!…”).

I usually start with a physical model, so that I can immediately check how comfortable is the stand going to be in use, and I keep fine tuning the project by making many many models in 3D, cardboard and wood. Since the first model looked a bit too quick & dirty to communicate with my special Client & Co-designer, I made it into a sketch for Ryoichi, illustrating its main features.

Study for a 6 OP-1 modular stand by Elisa Andretti 2016.It is a modular stand, which can be used as three separate stands; this makes it portable, as it can be folded and occupy 1/3 of its size once assembled. To make assembly easier for so many synths, I was planning on using in place of screws a combination of inserts (check) and connecting bars, which would make it more stable once in action. I always take care of reducing to the essential the number of pieces in a stand, to make it more fun to use, light and durable. This typically entails some design work, but this time STEEEZO is on board, so we’ll keep you posted on how the project is going to evolve!! I am very curious about the “lunchbox version” Ryoichi is going to send me in the next hours :)


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