Njordlyd | Circles

There is a long story to this track. It all started with a combination of a few sounds, which to me has a sort of “circling” effect. However, the sounds also reminds me of a magnificent “Circular Ride” (dark ride) from an Amusement Park in Copenhagen (Denmark) called “The Flying Trunk" (in Danish: Den flyvende Kuffert) and consists of a “continuously-moving” chain of vehicles (trunks). During the ride, the visitors pass several scenes displaying/depicting fairy tales from H.C. Andersen. The beginning and the end of the track resembles boarding and disembarking.

Everything in between resembles various “scenes” or “rooms”. How the “scenes” or “rooms” are interpreted is entirely up to the listener and is not necessarily meant to resemble the fairy tales from the “Circular Ride”.
I have an emotional connection to this track. Tivoli is a place I visited pretty often with my family. The attraction opened in 1993, the same year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died in August 1995, and this attraction is one of many strong memories connecting to her. This was not really what I imagined at the beginning of the process of making this track; however that is how it developed.

In 2020 we (my father, brother, and I) had planned to mark the 25th anniversary of her death in London, where we as a family also have a long history. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, this did not happen. The track was created throughout September - October 2020 and completed in February - March 2021. Maybe the fact we could not meet up in August subconsciously triggered this?


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