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Octatrack MK2 Skins - Kyashan
Octatrack MK2 Skins - Lupin
Octatrack MK2 Skins - light blue
Octatrack MK2 Skins - orange
Octatrack MK2 Skins - Ferrari red
Octatrack MK2 Skins - white
Octatrack MK2 Skins - pink

Octatrack MK2 Skins & Accessories

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• Custom Skin template file available >> here (PSD, PNG).

Turn your Octatrack MK2 into a work of art - Undo, and Start all over again! With every purchase you will receive two Skins: no. 1 design of your choice + no. 1 blank X-ray skin.

How-to: Gently remove knob caps and OT's panel screws (3 screws above the screen, and 3 more below the sequencer buttons). Hold the skin in place by placing back knob caps and screws.
The blank skin can be customized using stickers, paint markers, spray paint or anything else your imagination suggests! Made of a special material called radiographic film, the skin is sturdy and reusable.


Customize your beloved Octatrack MK2 with your own design! Download a template file here and test it out for yourself. Once you're happy with the result, place your order for a Custom Skin and send us the picture/photo via e-mail; we'll do the rest.


SPIKE XL stand: Rock-solid, super-light, antiskid and ergonomic, SPIKE XL can be flat-packed in seconds, ready to fit in your backpack or laptop bag. >> Read more.

 • Cremacaffè Dust Covers are made out of repurposed radiographic film (X-ray): a lightweight, long-lasting material. Assembled and flat-packed in seconds for easy storage, this cover is designed to keep your Devices safe and clean in the studio. Please note: it does not prevent hit damage.

Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

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