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Octatrack MK2 Skins - Kyashan
Octatrack MK2 Skins - light blue
Octatrack MK2 Skins - orange
Octatrack MK2 Skins - Ferrari red
Octatrack MK2 Skins - white
Octatrack MK2 Skins - pink

Octatrack MK2 Skin & Accessories

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Turn your Octatrack MKII into a work of art.
With every purchase you will receive two Skins: no. 1 design of your choice + no. 1 blank Cardstock skin.

The design skin is made of a special material called radiographic film. The blank cardstock skin can be customized using stickers, color pencils, markers, or anything else your imagination suggests!

Bundle 1
Octatrack MKII Skin + SPIKE XL stand + X-ray Dust Cover
Bundle 2
Octatrack MKII Skin + SPIKE XL stand
Bundle 3
Octatrack MKII Skin + X-ray Dust Cover
Bundle 4
SPIKE XL stand + X-ray Dust Cover

Available Designs
Kyashan, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow
For custom skins please get in touch.

Please Add a Note to your Order to let us know which Shift Skin color you would like to receive.

Cremacaffè Design - Add a Note to your Order

Made in Italy by Elisa & Andrea

Browse Cremacaffè Accessories for the Octatrack on Instagram: #cremacaffedesign #cremacaffedustcover #spikexlstand #cremacaffeskins #cremacaffeskins @cremacaffeskins

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