Nature plays a major role in Cremacaffè Design philosophy:
All our products are designed following a natural materials/minimum waste lead.

Poplar Plywood

We use poplar plywood, which is made of five crossing layers of wood glued under pressure. This allows us to build complex geometrical shapes into light, stable and shock resistant products. Furthermore, laser cutting of plywood does not produce the toxic fumes other plastics would, resulting in a more durable and sustainable product. Our products are hand sanded and finished without using solvents, thus allowing the wood they are made of to return to nature harmlessly.

Beech Wood

Some of our smaller designs deploy European beech for its texture and color.
Did you know that beech wood tablets were a common writing material in Germanic societies before the development of paper? The Old English bōc and Old Norse bók both have the primary sense of “beech” but also a secondary sense of “book”, and it is from bōc that the modern word derives. In modern German, the word for “book” is Buch, with Buche meaning “beech tree”. (source: Wikipedia)

Repurposed fabrics

We take care of using only repurposed fabrics in our projects, from the handmade carrying bags most of our stands come with, to the soft cases for small synths and pockets for accessories. That’s why our carrying bags are white – it is the most common color among repurposed fabrics – and you can find only few soft cases with the same pattern and color around! Giving a second life to fabrics minimizes impacts on waste production, plus it guarantees unicity to our products.

Radiographic film

At Cremacaffè we use natural materials, or we upcycle materials which would otherwise go to landfill. To get beautiful and durable overlays and dust-covers for your devices, we found out that radiographic film is indeed a great material to use. Radiographic film is an emulsion-gelatin covered in silver halide crystals. Very thin and resistant, it allows us to cut with great detail, and its texture will guarantee hold and comfort once on your synth.
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