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petewonder "Wonder Caffe Kitt" sample pack - Cremacaffè Design
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WonderCaffe Kitt

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petewonder: Ultimately, i wanted to create a sample pack that shares a little of the magic potion i have concocted in my lab over the years. It reflects the soul of my kits and synth sounds.

My genre is somewhere in the realm between Hip Hop, Synthwaveish, LoFi, Downtempo, Chill, Electronic mushroom music, and something else I can’t put my finger on. I have never followed trends or chased a sound. This pack reflects that pursuit of my sound - it pleases the ear, moves the body, and soothes my soul. I would like to share some of it.

This pack includes two drum kits that fill the 16 pads on traditional MPC type layout controllers. Both kits include sounds from my Analog Rytm, MPC3000, and Native Instruments’ digital drum machine inside of Maschine; a nice selection of my favorite curated kicks snares hats and goodies.

Additionally, there are several dreamy pad chords in sequence from my Juno 60 - including the patch in middle C for extra layers, middle C patch builders from several awesome instruments to jam with - including a Rhodes through a UA 6176 dry, and through a Maestro Phase Shifter, a lush pad from the Roland JX10, three dope Juno staccato hits, a super fat and unique bass tone from the JX10 and a lush sine wave bass tone from my Moog Voyager.

All the sounds are recorded into my Apogee Symphony at high resolution, but there is a lot of LoFi creaminess in some of the vintage instruments’ recordings. My Juno gets processed through a Strymon Big Sky, Dig, and El Capistan. All sounds are recorded into pro tools at a resolution of 24bit/48k.

Have fun making beats with this pack! I put my heart and love into these sounds.

76,5 MB • WAV 16Bit  44.1kHz + WAV 24Bit 48kHz

• 2 Drum Kits (32 total drums sounds 2 x 16)
• 3 Juno 60 middle C pizzicato patches various filtering & FX
Rhodes Seventy Three super playable dry middle C and wet Maestro Phase shifted Jimmy Page sounding middle C
• 1 Roland JX10 bass
• 6 Juno 60 chord progression *Juno 60 pad accompanying middle C corresponding sound
1 Roland JX10 pad middle C
1 Moog Voyager dry sine bass tone

Royalty Free
Photo: petewonder · Artwork: Andrea Milana

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