"Space Invaders" sample pack + full track by Andrea Milana – Cremacaffè Design
Space Invaders
Space Invaders - Sound Pack + full track

Space Invaders

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Andrea: I love remixing old videogame tunes, reinventing arrangements whilst keeping the original vibe. Sometimes I stick to a favorite part of a soundtrack and build a whole new music piece around that. In the case of Space Invaders, this iconic title never had a soundtrack of its own. I wanted to challenge myself and create one, based on its in-game sounds only: think of a laser shot, or an invader explosion sound you hear all the time while blasting away the next invaders wave, and imagine each of those sounds become a musical instrument that plays a phrase or a rhythm within an arrangement. That is what this sample pack + original track is about.

Workflow & Music Gear

A set of constraints can be fun, and a creativity boost!
The process behind the creation of this sample pack and original track was quite simple.

Nowadays you can "emulate" almost any old videogame titles on about any electronic device. Therefore it gets easier, for the nostalgic ones like myself, to access vintage sounds and videogames. I loaded Space Invader into an old generation gaming console, played a few games while sampling the sound output straight into my Digitakt sampler. The next step was chopping the recorded audio material into individual sounds, which I could then play chromatically and/or rhythmically using Digitakt's "keyboard" and sequencer. Sampling directly from an old analog device makes a whole difference: sounds are warmer and lofi.

Some of the sounds were manipulated in a way to make them more interesting and melodic, some others were left almost untouched; this is clearly audible in the Space Invaders finished track.

I hope you'll have fun with it!

Digital Download Specifications
95 MB • WAV 16Bit  44.1kHz · BPM 120
• 25 loops (2-8 bars)
• 44 One-Shot samples
Royalty Free ☕️
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