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Step-by-step New Projects on Patreon!

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Andrea and I are going to share on a dedicated channel our “work in progress” , “behind the scenes” and more personal projects about design, graphics, illustration, including One-to-One Mentoring (Elisa) and music, sound packs, retro-stuff (Andrea).
On Patreon a lot of projects we have been working on will find a proper space and more opportunities for interaction with our Followers, Customers and Artists - which, since the beginning of Cremacaffè Shop & Blog, have been the most inspiring part of our journey.

Cremacaffè is creating Handcrafted Designs, Music and Illustrations

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Open conversations about main and side projects is vital to Cremacaffè: it’s what makes both new ideas come alive, and existing products find better solutions. We work from Sicily, and yet we can reach artists all over the world for advice; their kindness, their imagination, simply have made our days better from day one. When you start something that is really new till some extent, there is a risk of feeling quite alone, until your ideas find friends. Sharing has helped us enormously, and has inspired lots of ideas by others too!

What exactly will you get on Patreon, that you do not already find on Cremacaffè Shop?

Cremacaffè's journal, monthly art (digital graphics and illustrations), monthly music and sound packs, making of little quirky projects (“The Musician Room” diorama and stickers album is going to be one), progress of Casa Cremacaffè in Scicli where we hope to meet you in person soon. We hope to build a stronger relationship with our Patrons, which will reflect also in our One-to-One Mentoring Tier, where you can get professional advice about aesthetics and/or sustainability of your projects and business ideas, based on our own experience.
Check out Cremacaffè Posts page for more information.

See you there!
Elisa & Andrea

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