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Chapter Four - OMEGA dB

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April 3, 2020 - Barcelona, Spain
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Chapter Four - OMEGA dB

This fourth studio work, to be released on the italian label Cremacaffè Records, is a tribute to movies, from a cinematic ambient proposal.

After three EPs (‘My Church’, self released, 2014, ‘Utopian Reality’, Sofa Tunes, 2015, & ‘Speaking With Machines‘ Hypersunday Records, 2017). OMEGA dB's debut album, ‘Chapter Four’, has arrived. The most conceptual of his works so far.
A tribute to the movies. A cinematic ode to emotions.

Adrián GázquezMillennial from head to toe, OMEGA dB is a cinema fan in almost all genres, but his biggest love is to sci-fi. This electronic music producer grew up traveling through time inside a ‘Delorean’, between blows of lightsabers, making friends with androids, aliens and AI. And he did it while the music of Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, John Williams or Mike Oldfield sounded in his ears.
Now, Omega dB says goodbye to the danceable, machine music he used to produce, and releases 'Chapter Four', a conceptual, very introspective work, focused on the eminently futuristic cinematic ambient, with layers of synthesizers, and a very organic embodiment where automation and drums have almost no space.
We are facing a new and courageous –from conceptual, experimental and cathartic perspectives– chapter in the Omega dB sound, highly influenced by his sensitive and personal vision of something that always subjugated him, the cinema. This is his particular sonic tribute.

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Full Album RELEASE DATE: April 23, 2020

‘CHAPTER FOUR’, Track by Track
Chapter Four - OMEGA dBIt all starts while contemplating the birds –Bird Flight–, that invites us to dream hopefully in the midst of a galloping dystopia, Hope is a Waking Dream. Now we are able to smell the fragrance of freedom that the ever-renewing rain send to us –The Smell of Rain–; until we tell someone that secret (maybe a cursed one?) whispered in the ear –The Wind Whispers–. Then, will be no return –No Going Back–. An interlude that runs between clouds of cosmic dust –Between the Clouds– ends with an epic rise between arpeggios and loops –The Rising– and then an abrupt redemption after which there will be only silence, Redemption. This is Chapter Four.

Adrián Gázquez

‘CHAPTER FOUR’ Manifesto
This album is a journey towards catharsis that begins by contemplating the morning star, to which the lark dedicates its song. The bird unfolds its wings. The warm rays of the sun sparkle an instant before the lark flies to a new beginning. The breeze caresses its feathers. It flies. The wind brings with it the whisper of ozone. Raindrops, one after another, fall on the puddles, that are waiting patiently. Fly high. The blue sky. The overhead sun shines. (OMEGA dB, March 2020).

All tracks Written & Produced by Adrián Gázquez (OMEGA dB)
Mastered by Javier Pérez Rodríguez (Resonance)

Press Release:
Fernando Fuentes (

Artwork © Andrea Milana

Photo © Sergi Iracheta

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